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Black light and laser show

The story of an heart attack.

The electrocardiogram is already a flat line and one point of the line

becomes the protagonist of the trip.

From the nowhere it will bump into many differrent situations,

from the real to the dreamlike ones.

 The dilatation of a time is suspended between life and life. 

The emotional and physical path of the point stops when the heart starts to beat again.

The point comes back to the regular electrocardiogram waves.

Life comes back.




The set design is fluorescent paintings on a paper roll.

The roll is moved by chains mounted on a structure,

and the structure is activated by a bycicle. 

The result is a scrolling screen

of fluorescent paintingwhere  the laser points are the characters of the story.

Sound, lights and laser pointers are managed by the performer on stage.




An iron structure. A bycicle. Four laser pointers.

Black light. Fluorescent paintings on 80 meters long paper roll.

Differrent ages and technologies.


A point of view about time, an idea of space.

About the simplicity and the lightness of the life.




Direction : Luca Bellezze

Performer : Luca Bellezze

Paintings : Luca Bellezze

Assistant director: Stella Iannitto

Tutoring : Claudia Dias

Structure : Stefano and Simone Brazzale

Light design : Luca Bellezze and Stella Iannitto

Sound : Simone Bottasso and Luca Bellezze

Live sound : Luca Bellezze




Visual Theater

Duration : 55 min

Minimum stage dimension : 5 mt (W) x 6,5 mt (D) x 3 mt (H)

Flat floor, better no raised stage

Build up time 180 min / build down time 45 min

Electricity : 220v

Sound : mixer and 2 amplifiers

Light : 1 dimmerable spotlight

Completely dark room

Audience : 10 +



Project selected for IFA (InteatroFestival Academy)



Movin’ Up (Regione Piemonte)



Supported by













Atelier RE.AL , Lisbon (P)

Nottenera Festival , Serra De'Conti (I)












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Structure Set Up
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