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Luca Bellezze is the second fruit of love between Armando and Silvana. He enter this world in Macerata, at 9.30 a.m on saturday 7th of january 1978.

Immediatly tests his family. After fourteen months he is lost for hours in the countryside near Montecassiano, a neighbor saves him. Before his second birthday he falls in a big pit full of dirty water. His father fishes him out reeking.

At the age of 3 he decides to eat a telephone coin, doesn't understand why it doesn't work but he realizes that he is not a phone booth. He start singing in a choir when he is eight and will do so for ten years. In the same period he swims, plays the guitar and football; in this way he spends his lively adolescence.

At the age of 18 he first moves to Emilia Romagna (Ita) and then to Spain where he studies at University; Luca tries out different jobs but no none of them are pleasant…

In these years he discovers juggling. He travels a lot in Europe and Africa, and graduates in Experimental Psychology.

He decides to follow his inner feeling and enter the circus school in Turin (Ita).

In 2003 he starts to work in the street as a performer (juggling,puppets,fire). Also meets the accordion.

His training takes place in Europe where he attends different schools : circus, theather and clown. At the moment he is studying diatonic accordion, is a student of CLI of Utrecht and Mod.A.I. in Turin (funcional singing method).

He doesn’t believe in perfection, in specialization and haste. He believes in love, in the human beings, in the pleasure that life is and especially in what he does, otherwise he wouldn't do it.

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